Hexagonal Explosion Love Album

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Keep all your heart warming nostalgic memories of your lover, family and friends in one place and assembled in a unique way with this Hexagonal Explosion Love Album!

It is a special gift for your lover, family, friends or just for yourself simply because you want to keep your memories in a unique way. Perfect for birthday, anniversary, wedding, mother's day, baby and even marriage proposal.

The album is made of paper - easy to fold and lightweightSurprise your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend with a unique present that represents your time spent together. 100% customisable so you can add your own unique images!

Once you unfold the box, all of the pictures and notes will pop up and a small gift box will reveal which you can put a ring, watch, necklace and perfume, etc. as a surprise. You can easily glue different pictures, notes or stickers on the inside of the box. There are even secret pockets for storing special messages or pictures. 

Fill this up with your memories and it will slowly transform into your most precious album! You only need to print the photos you wanted, paste photos, fill the middle gift box, and according by your idea to DIY it.

When closed, the box looks like a gift box and when open, all the sides fall back to reveal all the lovely photos and memories you place inside. With more than 20 parts built in, DIY a elaborate photo album according to your own ideas for your friends, lover and parents. 

It will ignite your creativity in unimaginable ways while you're customising it and make you feel like a child again as you use your imagination to decide how you want the box to be designed. Anyone who receives this will be incredibly touched by your loving gesture.

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  • Material: Paper
  • Dimensions: 42x39.3 centimeters
  • Weight: 300 grams