Heavy Duty Free Standing Punching Bag

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Heavy Duty Free Standing Punching Bag

Looking for a heavy duty punching bag that you can use to just vent out all of the anger and frustration that's hidden inside or to simply train? Our premium free standing punching bag was designed to provide a perfect and durable base for training while building stamina and muscle.

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Designed with thick PVC plastic, this kids punching bag takes all of the hits with utmost ease without sacrificing any of the overall structure. Not only does the kickboxing bag stand up perfectly despite the force applied, but it contains special targets which can help make using it much more fun.

Best part of all, the stand up punching bag can be used by simply inserting water inside the hole at the bottom until it's fully inflated. After use, simply drain out the water to deflate it before storing. Simple and efficient.

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STABLE - The round base on the bottom of the punching bag helps provide an additional amount of stability and prevents it from tipping over. As long as the water is filled to a proper level, the kids punching bag will stand upright with ease, making it easy to throw punches or kicks.

PORTABLE - Due to the inflating and deflating design, the free standing punching bag is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. Simply drain out the water until the adult punching bag is fully flat before carrying it.

HEAVY DUTY - Simply put, our stand up punching bag was built to last. No matter how much pressure is applied, the kickboxing bag simply will not tear or break. Durable and perfect for long term use.


Main material: PVC
Color: Silver / Black
Net weight: 700g (1.6m) / 465g (1.5m)


1x Punching Bag