Grams Stainless Steel Household Vertical Pulverizer

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Model: HC-500
Voltage: 110V/220V
Capacity: 500ml
Working time: 8 minutes
Interval time: 5 minutes
Crushed Level: superfine mill
Principle: high-speed grinder
Processing object:salt,coffee,soybean,spice,grain,wheat,pepper,peanut,herbs etc
Application scope: home, drugstore, hospital, lab, etc
Crushing cabin: outer layer adopts alloy material, the inner layer uses Stainless steel strips
Cautions: Before using, pls check the cutter heads are fastened, the power is off
1. Get the raw material ready(soybean)
2. Put the soya bean in the crushing cabin
3. Close the cap
4. Turn on the power;(for soya bean around 30 seconds)
5. The raw material after milling
6. Pour-out the soybean powder