Dad Bod One-Piece Swimsuit

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Dad Bod One-Piece Swimsuit

This has been a summer for dudes: First, they took over the romper. Then, they decided that you know what, it was time for them to start wearing see-through lace shorts, too. And while we’ll never fault a guy who’s comfortable enough in himself to roll on out of his house ready to subvert gender stereotypes, the ladies knew that they deserved a little something to make their summer extra special, too. So they came for the Dad Bod One-Piece Swimsuit. You hear that, dads? Your hairy chests, weak nipples, and pulpy beer bellies have been appropriated!

Cruise around showing off your fake dadbod with this Dad Bod One-Piece Swimsuit. This will be the life of the party! This one-piece hairy chest swimsuits for women will definitely have people talking.

Dad Bod One-Piece Swimsuit
Dad Bod One-Piece Swimsuit


If you’re torn between trying to look sexy or just creeping people out, this is the swimming outfit for you. The beloved Dad Bod One-Piece Swimsuit is a flattering one-piece swimsuit that makes it look as if you are naked and baring a hairy man chest for the world to see. It would make for an excellent conversation starter. It’s the perfect swimwear to have on summer pool parties with friends who have a good sense of humor.

Product Details:

  • Hand-Cut & Sewn
  • 82/18 Poly Spandex with ultra-soft hand-feel
  • Multi-stretch properties with full flex elastic around the leg openings, armhole, and neckline
  • Inside there is a microfiber knit moisture-wicking liner
  • Contours your form and is meant to flatter!
  • High Definition Graphic
  • Artwork On Front & Back
  • Fits true to size
Dad Bod One-Piece Swimsuit