Countertop Water Distiller Stainless Steel Interior 4L with Plastic Bottle

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Water quality deterioration puts our health at risk, tap water contains more and more hazardous substances and detrimental toxins, which can cause health problems. Our body needs clean, high-quality water, and distilled water is one of the best choice. This Water Distiller is of wide application, hospitals, home, office, laboratory, travel and so on. For your health, it is better to have a distiller to purify water, one with high quality and advanced design, like ours. Our water distiller is your best choice. Solid stainless steel construction for durability and sturdiness, user-friendly design of handle and buttons provides you the best user experience. The large capacity can meet your drinking demands.


  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL INTERIOR: Plastic top cover plus stainless steel interior makes our product light yet durable, guaranteeing long term use.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: A large capacity of 4L/1 Gallon can meet you and your family’s daily drinking needs.
  • PROTECT YOUR HEALTH: Distilling 1.5 liter in 1 hours, our efficient distiller is the safeguard for your health, it removes contaminants such as bacteria, particles, dissolved solids and VOCs to provide you clean and purified water.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Two buttons for easy operation, press the green one to start and the red to stop, with a red light indicating the working status. The distiller also has a handle, which is easier to carry.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE & PRACTICAL: Plastic top cover and water bottle provides you the most affordable price with our quality product and service.


Power 750W
Voltage 110, 50Hz
Rolled sheet types >400
Stainless Steel Discharge Tube 316L
Inner Container Stainless Steel 304
Chamber Size about 9.05" (Dia.) x 15.35" (H)
Electronic Heater Aluminum
Water Bottle PC (246 deg.C)
Inner Container Stainless steel 304
Temperature Safeguard power-off when temperature is 160 deg.C
Inner Container Volume 4L
Distilled Water Capacity 1.5L/H
Outer Dimensions 11x11x20inches/285x285x510mm


  • 1x Distiller
  • 1x Plastic Water Bottle
  • 1x Main Power Cord
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Chamber Cleaning Powder
  • 1x Bottle Cap
  • 3x Charcoal Package