UV Germicidal Lamp Compact UVC Light Bulb E27 30w

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  • 【 UVC with Ozone 】 Ozone has a very powerful function, but ozone itself has a unbearable smell, after use need keep the room ventilated for 30 minutes or wait a more long time (3-12 hours) to let it self-decomposition into oxygen. Until there is no smell of ozone, then can enter the room.
  • 【 Powerful UVC lamp 】 Use for Items, clothes, bed, room, etc. protect family's health.
  • 【 Convenient use 】 Can work in any regular screw-in socket, no special connections required.
  • 【 Covers up to 400sq ft.】 8000hr long lifespan, each bulb passed through 2 inspection processes, try best for customers better experience.