ComfyDesk Height Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Stand for Home Office with Mouse Tray and Cooling Fan

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Secure your Discounted ComfyDesk Height Adjustable Foldable Home Office Desk with Mouse Tray while our SPRING SALE is on!

You want to work from anywhere you like without the fear of getting chronic back pain?

When working with the laptop you always set your health at risk without even realizing that your posture is suffering for hours.

Thanks to ComfyDesk you now can easily adjust the height of your portable desk to your own body to create a work environment you feel comfortable with.

With a mountable mouse tray and flexible positioning, you can bring your foldable ComfyDesk anywhere you like, set your work station up and never have to worry about finding yourself in an awkward position.

A Must-Have for anyone working from Home looking for an Ergonomic solution!

 Laptop Stand with mouse tray board and cooling fan


✔️ Foldable & Portable – Thanks to its ingenius design you can fold it 360° anyway you like to adjust it just the way you want. It has never been easier to bring your work station along.

✔️ Suitable For Your Needs – With the ComfyDesk it does not matter anymore where you are and how you prefer to work. From the comfort of your own bed, on your sofa, on the carpet, on your balcony or adjusted height on your table – it just works for you.

✔️ Set Up in Seconds – Press and hold the button placed on the three joints and fold it any way you like. Your work station can be set up in just seconds. So much flexibility you’ll just love!

✔️ Premium Material – High-Quality ABS material which is even safe for children and Safe & Strong Metal Construction makes for an ideal and fun work companion.

✔️ Asset Protection – Many Laptop users don’t even realize how important it is to keep your notebook away from textiles and prevent your processor from overheating. With our built-in CPU Fan, you can now rest assured that your valuable information on your expensive laptop is safe & secure.

notebook stand for home office lightweight portable sturdy cooling fan ventilator

Laptop Stand Height Adjustable Desk with Mouse Tray and Cooling Fan

ultimate laptop stand with mouse tray anti slip cooler vent

What do I get:

1 x Comfy Desk Portable Laptop Stand
1 x A Mountable Mouse Tray

1 x An Instruction Manual
2 x Black Non-Slip Baffles

best laptop notebook stand with mouse tray and cooling fan ventilator

huge cooling fan ventilator usb


Product Name: ComfyDesk Portable Laptop Stand with Mouse Tray
Color: Black / Rose
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Mouse-Board: 180 x 160 mm
Table-Board: 480 x 260 mm
Adjustable Height: 260 mm - 470 mm
Stand Leg (6pcs): 255 mm (length)
Cooling Fan: 190 mm (diameter)
Max. Load: 20 kg
Folded Size: 585 x 260 x 40 mm
Suitable for Laptops of 17" in size and less.
Net Weight: 1.46kg
Folding angle range: 0~360 degree

home office laptop stand with cooling fan and mouse tray