BestAirOZ™ Home Air Purifier with Negative Ion Technology

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Grab your Discounted BestAirOZ™ Home Air Purifier with Negative Ion Technology today while supplies last! 

Keep your family healthy for $100's less than other units. Our BestAirOZ™ Home Air Purifier with Negative Ion Technology helps trap dust, smoke, and other airborne "bad stuff" before it has the chance to settle, reducing build-up and leaving you with less to clean. 

Unlike Some Other Brands, BestAirOZ™ Home Air Purifier with Negative Ion Technology Is Always 100% Ozone-free, Never Using The Uv-c Light And Anion Purification Methods That Cause Harm To Children And People With Asthma.

BestAirOZ™ is also Higher Efficiency For Larger Rooms: With Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter, True Hepa Filter, Pre-filter, The Purify Efficiency Is 30% Higher And Purify Speed Is 30% Faster Than Other Ordinary Air Cleaner. ITt removes airborne bacteria. Small airborne particles like pollen, mold spores, and other bacteria floating around in the air, causing your family to get sick. 

1. Multiple Purification, One Button To Open A Healthy Living Environment
2. Hd Display, Multiple Functions, One Machine To Get.
3. Quick Purification, Hepa Filter Is More Powerful, And Negative Oxygen Ion Release Is Healthier.
4. There Are Sleep And Timing Functions, Three-dimensional Circulation Wind, More Comfortable And More Convenient.

Product Specifications:

Size: 330*200*610mm
Power: 30w
Rated Voltage: 220v 50hz
Purification Amount: 180m3/h
Negative Ion Amount: 3 Million / Cm3
Control Method: Remote Control
Product Category: Air Purifier
Air Volume: 301-400 Cubic Meters / Hour
Filter Type: Composite Filter
Maximum Noise: 59db
Noise: 10-59db
Measuring Function: Pm2.5 Concentration
Function: In Addition To Pollen, Except Particulate Matter, In Addition To Formaldehyde, Smoke Removal, Dust Removal, Mist Removal
Applicable Area: 31m^2 (including) -40m^2 (inclusive)
Working Principle: Activated Carbon Anion Hepa Technology
Other Air Purifiers: 301-400 Cubic Meters / Hour
Suitable For: Home Bedroom Living Room Office Air Purification

Package Includes:

1x Air Purifier
1x Power Cord
1x Remote Control
1x Instruction Manual