Wifi Trail Game Camera

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The Wifi Trail Game Camera is an outdoor enthusiasts best friend simply because it helps add an extra pair of eyes for you. Safety is of utmost importance because situations can change within a second; our trail camera helps outdoor lovers become aware of such changes with speed.

Wifi Trail Game Camera

Designed for speed and quality, our trail game camera is fast enough to capture wildlife, regardless of whether it's day or night, and deliver crystal clear images every time. In fact, our hunting wildlife camera is perfectly ideal for housing security, warehouse surveillance, and monitoring wild animals due to its camouflage appearance.

Best part of all, our wireless trail camera is triggered and a photo is taken within 0.8 seconds. The lens on this wifi trail wild game camera rotates up to 120°. After dusk, night vision is automatically activated on our spypoint camera. Be aware of all your surroundings at all times with our trail camera and stay safe.


- EASY TO USE - The hunting wifi trail cam is easy to operate and mount. You can apply the user-friendly device to outdoor activities, not only hunting but also home security, property surveillance, scouting, wildlife monitoring, or even farm Security. With the infrared sensor, the cellular trail camera will be triggered by any movement that it catches, day or night. Once the camera is triggered it will capture a photo of the suspect.

Wifi Trail Camera

FULLY CAMOUFLAGED DESIGN - This Passive Infrared trail camera is the best option for your scouting camera to go undetected at night when it takes a picture of a deer, game or thieves. It simply leaves you with the best odds out of any option in being undetectable and not to spook deers or unwanted trespassers.

- LONG LASTING - Our wildlife trail camera was built to last. Simply place our wifi wildlife camera in the desired location and get all updates directly on your phone!