High Pressure Car Cleaning Tool Jet Tornado Cleaner Gun for Interior & Exterior

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 The High-Pressure Car Cleaning Tool helps you tackle your most challenging detailing jobs with ease. The cone-shaped nozzle and oscillating tip create a tornado cleaning action that cleans hard and soft surfaces like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Dirt and grime are immediately released from fabrics, carpet, and solid surfaces.

The Car Cleaning Air Gun is the best solution to all small gaps in your car, the untouched carpet, engine, tire, and wheels. 

It the simplest high-pressure dry cleaning method for car wash and dust cleaning in all direction

The car cleaning air gun produces enormous power with a small air compressor. With its convenient design, it is easy to control and highly effective. 

Have your car restored to a crisp, clean, factory-fresh look!

Car High Pressure Cleaning Tool

To clean any surface the Car High-Pressure Cleaning Tool can use any cleaner for that particular surface. Just dilute the desired cleaner according to the cleaner's directions.

High-quality alloy material for durability works ideally with 8 gallons or stronger air compressors.


  1. Fill in the tank with car washing soap or straight water, depends on fabric type.
  2. Connect the cleaning gun to an air compressor.
  3. Open the setting switch to allow soap and air to shoot out from a cleaning gun. 
  4. Release high-pressure air by pressing the handle and clean up your mats.
  5. After the cleaning, simply wait until the mats dry. 


✅ The fastest and easiest way to clean all automotive surfaces, this tool cleans and air dries in seconds.

✅ Works with your air compressor to blast cleaning solution into crevices you can't reach by hand

✅ Perfect for cleaning the carpet, plastics, and upholstery inside the car. Clean wheels, convertible tops, and even body seams on the exterior.

✅ Low wear and maintenance, Heavy-duty construction, Low noise emissions

✅ The High-Pressure Car Cleaning Tool cleans where other tools can't!

✅ High-quality alloy material for durability works ideally with 8 gallons or stronger air compressors.