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Product Descriptions


Benefits of playing blocks
By playing against the blocks will help your child learn these skills.
Scientific ideas: The baby will learn about science. When the baby learns of reduced motivation, the baby will learn about the use of expertise when the child creates a ramp to What the children are creating.

Reasons about spacing and gaps: The designers themselves will little learn to deal with gaps and objects through playing against blocks. 'Will this fit here right here?' Will this become the shape I want? 'Playing with blocks will help your baby explore ways to manage areas and directions.

Mathematical Thinking: Some mathematical skills are obtained through a lot of play, comparison of length and width, names of various shapes, and methods of imitating geometric shapes. Will learn the fundamentals of addition when knowing short blogs

Reading and writing skills: From playing to the blog, your child will understand the importance of grading, important reading skills, and the children will share their experiences with the blog, which parents and teachers can help. The little one wrote a story about what they are creating.

Language skills: Little architects can learn language and vocabulary skills while they are about what they are building.

Relationships and responsibilities: The baby learns relationships and sharing while the child continues playing together with family members or with other children. From playing, baby also learn how to be responsible when baby Few clean up the blocks after the ball has finished playing.
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Certification: CE
Model Number: SY-960 / 89043
Age Range: > 6 years old
Warning: Do not eat , keep away from fire
Type: Blocks
Barcode: No
Gender: Unisex
Material: Plastic
Plastic Block Shape: Self-Locking Bricks
Plastic Type: ABS