BestPlant™ 600W LED Full Spectrum Indoor Plant Grow Light

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Grab your Discounted BestPlant™ 600W LED Full Spectrum Indoor Plant Grow Light!

Trying to find the best grow lights for your grow room can be a tedious task and the amount of information you have to think about will make your head spin. LEDs and fluorescent bulbs both produce full-spectrum light. However, LEDs are better for plants, the environment, and your wallet. 

Our BestPlant™ 600W LED Full Spectrum Indoor Plant Grow Lights are exceptionally bright and will provide the plants with sufficient light all throughout their life cycle and for the price you can get 2 or more and still save 100's over other units. 


-Good for all kinds of plants, including vegetables and flowers.
-Suitable for tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, roses, mistletoe, and other indoor plants from seeding to harvest.
-Increase the contents of starch and Vitamin C, making up for the insufficient taste of greenhouse crops.
-Environmental-friendly, increase the yield.
-Help to reduce the length of the life cycle of your indoor plants.
-Adopts strong hook system, easy to set up and use.
-Quiet dual ball-bearing cooling fans, to ensure products be in a good working environment.
-Emitting light fully absorbed by the plant, much efficient compared to HID grow lights to produce the same result.

Package Includes :

1 x LED Grow Light
1 x Power Cord
1 x Hanging Kit

Specification :

Material  ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Color  White
Weight  1260g
Size  26x26x4.5cm/ 10x10x1.8"
Power 300W, 600W
Voltage AC 90-140/ 170-300V
Frequency 50~60Hz
Light Color R / B / W / O / UV / IR
LED 100PCS (84Red+10Blue+2White+2UV+2IR)
LED Chip SMD3030(R+B+W), SMD2835(UV +IR)
Lumen 3000 lm
LED Wavelength Red(620-630nm;650-660nm); Blue(460-470nm); IR(7725-735nm); White(6000-6500K) ,UV(390-400nm)
Brightness ratio(Red:Blue) 8:1-9:1
LED Chip SMD3030(R+B+W), SMD2835(UV +IR)
Lifespan >50,000hours
1.Indoor use ONLY, not waterproof.
2.Do not look directly at the LED light when it’s work.