Balance Rocker Wobble Board

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Exerciser's Balance Rocker Wobble Board

Looking for the perfect balancing board that helps you improve your balancing skills while helping you lose weight? The Balance Rocker Wobble Board is designed to automatically adjust under the person's weight and rock from side to side.

Balance Rocker Wobble Board

This balance board is extremely strong and durable with a non-skid surface; once your feet are planted into the sides, there will be very little skidding. In addition, our wobble bard improves stability and balance by strengthening the core muscles and forcing them to work.

Our rocker board provides additional health benefits along with a great workout, including better posture and increased coordination skills. In fact, this balance board is ideal for home workouts, rehabilitation, gyms and professional athletes.

Rocker Board



PORTABLE - Due to the small and compact size, our wobble board is extremely portable and lightweight. Practice your balancing skills with it at home or take it with you to the gym. No transportation baggage required.

MADE TO LAST - Unlike traditional rocker boards, our balance board was built to last and can handle a large amount of weight with ease. The special material used to build the wobble board provides a firm surface to align your feet and makes it easier to balance.

GREAT WORKOUTS - Bring a twist to your daily routines by balancing on our balance board. Along with increased coordination and balance, you can lose tons of calories and strengthen your core with the rocker board.

Package Content:
1x Balance Board