Automatic Dog Ball Launcher for pet

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Provide an Endless Amount of Fetching Fun 

Does your dog have endless energy? Is he or she always ready to play? You love them to bits but understandably... everyone gets tired. 

What if you could sit back and let your dog play fetch by themselves? Letting you rest while still giving your dog an amazing time outside. Discover the Automatic Dog Ball Launcher. It automatically launches a ball to let your dog play fetch all day long for the best play-time ever!

Our Automatic dog ball launcher lets dogs play fetch to their hearts’ content. Giving you lots of fun moments you can cherish forever!


  • Automatic ball launcher: No need of electricity, automatic feeding, interactive toys, your dog will like it very much.
  • Dog's favorite game: When your dog puts the ball in, after the launch, the food will come out automatically.
  • Keep pet busy: Even if you are very busy, it can help your pet stay healthy and energetic, relieve stress.
  • Space saving: Easy to place indoors or outdoors, suitable for free corners.
  • Reward machine: 6cm elastic tennis ball, suitable for pet of different ages. With removable physical disk on both sides, it is clean and hygienic.