7.9" ×7.9" 30W Fiber Laser Marking Machine Rotary Optional Metal Engraver Marker

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  • The handheld fiber laser engraving gun can be put on the surface of substrates and marks, this is good for large, heavy or difficult to access substrates.
  • The 30W fiber laser engraving machine works with all kinds of metals and some plastics, good for high contrast marking, engraving and deep engraving on flat surface of metal and plastic
  • The handheld fiber laser machine offers ultra-fine marking, engraving effect, the focused spot size is as small as 10 microns and this allows high 2D data density, complicated vector image and content to be printed in a small area. .
  • Raycus fiber laser source offers strong power intensity at the focal point, this makes this laser good for deep metal engraving, removal of painted layers and high speed surface marking, for high contrast aluminum, anodized aluminum marking.
  • The laser engraving machine supports the color change marking effect for some plastics, for example, ABS, PES, PVC, etc., the marking effect varies, depends on the type of plastic, color and density, please leave a message for a sample brand before making decisions. The laser engraving machine does not work with ceramics, glasses and organic materials.

Source: Raycus RFL-30Q, 30 watts
Scanning area: 4.3 * 4.3 "
Fiber cable length: 6.6 ft.
Nominal focal spot size: 10um Engraving
speed: 0.315 in / s
Wavelength: 1064nm
Frequency: 20-80kHz
Pulse width: 110-130ns Computer
communication: USB2.0 (preferred, each computer support by default) or USB3.0 (does not work if USB3.0 driver is not installed)
Civil power: 110V / 60 Hz.
Cooling: air cooling