14-in-1 Push Up Board Rack

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Grab your 14-in-1 Push Up Board today and build an EXPLOSIVE upper body!!!

  • Quick transformation of the chest. Some of our customers have seen results in less than a month. 
  • Precision pin points your chest muscles
  • Build up your upper body at home without paying crazy money to gyms  
  • Designed to expend high bursts of energy in a limited amount of time. For most people, it takes around 30 minutes and they are JACKED completely but, with sweating buckets.
  • Great gift for your fitness crazy son, friend, partner etc..


  • Different color-coded push up board targets specific muscles worked:Blue for chest, Red for shoulders, Yellow for back, and green for triceps.
  • This 14 in 1 push up board is an innovative color-coded push up board training system that strengthens and shapes your entire upper body,targets specifics muscles worked-chest, shoulders, back, and triceps.
  • Maximizes overall upper body strength and endurance, designed for all fitness levels.
  • Heavy duty "Plug & Press" push up board system with multiple positions and angles that sculpt and maximize upper body definition.
  • Burn calories and build strength with this innovative pushup system, leading you through a total-body strength and conditioning workout.
  • Portable, simple assembly and storage.

Product Specifications:
Product name: 14-in-1 push-up board
Material: Environmental ABS
Size: about 60.8*18.5*2cm/23.93*7.28*0.78 inch
Weight: about 1.3kg (2.86 lb)