Wood Burning Kit Pyrography Machine with Two Pen 100W 110V

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Features & Details

  • [ABS SHELL]- The wood burning kit is made from ABS engineering plastic shell with toughness, high strength, and intensity. Safety can be ensured as it is broken-resistant and own good insulation.
  • [STEPLESS THERMOSTAT]- 100W burning pen kit with adjustable temperature control make it possible to heat up and cool down the wire nibs in seconds, 0-1000ºC temperature range. The voltage is shown with a pointer gauge.
  • [10 EXCELLENT PEN NIBS]- High-resistance alloy pyrography pen tip with high strength at high temperature and not soft, long life of anti-oxidation, carbon deposition, etc.
  • [PROFESSIONAL PHROGRAPHY PENS]- Equipped with two professional brushes for accurate drawing. The non-slip soft pen case is light and compact.
  • [VARIOUS USAGES]- Applicable with a variety of materials including wood, gourd, leather, wheat straw, bark, leaves, bamboo, eggs, etc. Ideal for creating different pyrography crafts.

Precise Adjustment & Control

Various buttons are uniformly distributed on the same panel for easy operation. Temperature can be adjusted by rotating the knob, 0-1000ºC average service temperature.

Professional Brushes

Two professional wood burning pens for precise painting, light and compact, and are easy to describe details. The comfortable non-slip sheath prevents pen slippage.

Excellent Heat Dissipation

The large-area vents ensure excellent heat dissipation of the burning pen kit and can maintain stable operation even under high temperatures.

Various Pen Nibs

Along with this professional wood burning kit, it comes with a set of various pen nibs. It will bring you great convenience to describe different painting details.

Caring Pen Holder & Sponge

The pen holder allows you to place it easily when you are not using the brush. Wipe pen sponge can be used to wipe off carbon on pen tips at any time to improve pyrograph quality.

Wide Application

The wood burning pen professional machine can be applied in wood, gourd, leather, wheat straw, bark, leaves, bamboo, eggs, and other materials.

100W Pyrography Wood Burning Kit

This pyrography machine is equipped with a professional wood burning tool: wood burning machine, wood burning pen, a complete set of pen nibs, pen holder, and so on. Easy and convenient for drawing a variety of different shapes on wood, gourd, wood board, leather, wheat straw, bark, leaves, bamboo, furniture, eggs, straw, etc. Suitable for pyrography kit for beginners.

  • ABS Shell
  • Stepless Thermostat
  • 10 Excellent Pen Nibs
  • Professional Pyrography Pens


Package Content:


  • Voltage: 110V AC
  • Power: 100W
  • Shell Material: ABS engineering plastic
  • Heater Strip Material: High impedance alloy, high-temperature resistance
  • Rendering Pen Tip Material: Copper alloy
  • Display Method: Pointer display
  • Gross Weight: 5.3 lb (2.4 kg)
  • Package Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.4" x 7.9" x 6.7" (29 x 20 x 17 cm)

Package Content

  • 1 x 100W 110V Pyrography Machine with Pointer Display
  • 2 x Pyrography Pens
  • 10 x High Impedance Alloy Heater Strips
  • 1 x Copper Alloy Rendering Pen Tip
  • 1 x Grinder Stone
  • 1 x Sponge
  • 2 x Wood Supports
  • 1 x Mini Screwdriver