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Super Ceramic Car Coating – Pro Wax Polish Kit

Say hello to the most affordable way to get your car up a notch!

The new 2018 Super Ceramic Car Coating – Pro Wax Polish Kit gets applied like a wax polish but acts as a stronger protective layer above your precious shiny paint. It will protect the color from discoloring from UV rays and environmental contaminants.

Even a thin coat of the Super Ceramic Car Coating – Pro Wax Polish Kit will create an extremely hard and clear shell. You will be able to clear your car in no time and you’ll never have to deal with scratches again!

Not only that, but it will give your car a beautiful and sleek shiny finish.


How do you use it? Simple! You apply it one time uniformly on your clean car and it will last for over 2 years. Yes, over 2 years! Allow 42 hours of natural drying to get the best results possible.

Besides, it’s environmentally friendly, being made from non-toxic ingredients.

It works under snow, rain, mud, etc. Don’t wait for a nasty scratch to order this!