Portable Home Chainsaw Sawmill 48"

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Portable Home Chainsaw Sawmill 48"

Saw uniform planks of wood in the most convenient way possible by using our heavy-duty chainsaw mill. With the help of our portable chainsaw mill, you will no longer have to deal with human error which can result in uneven cuts of wood.

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Due to its solid build, the portable sawmill is the perfect tool to help guide your powerful chainsaw through thick wooden logs. Chainsaws are very powerful and using them without the sawing mill can be difficult for both beginner and experienced wood cutters.

Not only that but, the mobile saw mill attaches directly to your chainsaw bar for your convenience. This way, your chainsaw won't accidentally come off while you're in the middle of cutting through large logs of wood.

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Even better, the home sawmill leaves the planks of wood with a smooth finish, making each piece useful for construction, furniture-making, and other woodwork. Cut huge logs with ease and comfort by using the chainsaw mill as a reliable guide.


ADJUSTABLE - Our portable chainsaw mill can be adjusted in height to produce different-sized planks of wood. It can produce slabs of wood as thin as half an inch and up to 13 inches thick without a hassle.

PORTABLE - Cutting wood in remote locations is not a problem due to the portability of the portable sawmill. Despite its solid build, the sawing mill can be disassembled and transported without a hitch.

VERSATILE - With its versatile design, the mobile saw mill can be used by different types of woodworkers regardless of their skill. Not only that, but the home sawmill is also capable of guiding chainsaws with bar lengths of up to 48 inches through thick wood with ease.


Suitable for: Chainsaws with a bar length between 18" and 48"
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum & Steel


1x Chainsaw Mill Attachment