High-Frequency LED Ultrasonic ION Facial Skin Tightening Cleansing Beauty Device

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Product name: High-frequency LED ultrasonic ION facial skin tightening cleaning beauty device

Certification: CE
Application: For Home Use
Warranty: 12 Months
Technology: Ultrasonic+LED Light +Vibrates+Negative Electrode +Positive Electrode
Function: Face Lift,Skin Rejuvenation,Wrinkle Remover,Skin Tightening,Anti-aging
Treatment area: Face
Input voltage: AC 100-240V
output voltage: DC 5.0V-1.0A
Battery Capacity: 1100mAh
Material: ABS+Stainless Steel
Waterproof: NO
Power supply: USB Recharge

-1.3MHZ Ultrasonic Function:
 Ultrasound is a high-level sound wave technology that penetrates deeper than the dermal layer, In the skin it increases the temperature of the surrounding tissue, thus increasing oxygenation to the cells, stimulating collagen protein, and aiding in the removal of waste products. This is an anti-bacterial cleansing action, It benefits the skin by stimulating blood circulation, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, clarifies acne and blemishes, and can also eradicate irregular pigmentation and redness. (Portable Galvanic ultrasonic beauty & health instrument Erasingwrinkles).
-Positive Electrode Function(ION+): Positive electrode can generate acid action with the functions of tranquilizing nerves, dropping blood supply in the skin, strengthen the fiber tissue of the skin, shrinking pores, and relieving reddish skin. It is applicable for allergic skin and acne.
-Negative Electrode Function(ION-): Negative electrode can generate alkali action stimulate nerves to promote blood circulation, soften fiber tissue and strengthen firmness, and is applicable for dry and aging skin with a slow metabolism.
-Vibration Function: Microwave frequency vibration 12 000 rpm deep dermis, can soften the residue of cosmetics in pores, grease, blackheads, help to facilitate the discharge of oil secretion, deep export acne and blackheads, pimples and acne, and the formation of cosmetics residues, to prevent the formation of acne blackheads, spots.
-Bio Red Light: wavelength 625t3nm: Whitening and lighten sports, tendering skin and dispel crinkles, repair damaged skin, heal slender wrinkles, tighten pore, and proliferate collagen protein.
-Bio Blue Light: wavelength 465t3nm: diminish inflammation, kill bacterium and propionibacterium acne, remove acne and scars, etc.
-Bio Green Light: wavelength 525+/-3nm: has the effects of neutralization, balancing, and calming. It can ease the strain, dredge lymph and useful in edema elimination.

How to Use

1. Insert the USB cable connector into the device.
2. Clean your face, apply serum or cream on your face.
3. Press the POWER switch to adjust the intensity level. press once means intensity level 1; twice/third/four/five times means level 2/3/4/5; six times powers off the device.
4. Press LED SEL. button to select different LED lights. press once is Red light; twice/three/four/five/six times is Green/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Flashing Pink; seven times to turn off the led light mode.
5. Move the device slowly to your face. The device will automatically shut off after 10minutes of use.

Facial Beauty Device Usage Notice

1. Feeling slightly warm is normal during use, stop using it if you feel not well.
2. Do not use it if have seriously sensitive skin.
3. Stop using it immediately if irritation or discomfort occurs.

Skin Tightening Machine P
ackage Including 

1 x Main device
1 x Power adapter
1 x USB charging line
1 x User manual